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Praise Reports


Experiencing the Grandeur of the Mystery

Eyes Open to the Truth

Impacted by the ReAknowledging Grace Enablement

A Shift in Paradigm

Impacted by the Newness of life through the revelational knowledge

Awakened to Christ Consciousness

Impacted by the Revelation of Christ

Awakened to the Revelation of Christ in Us

Gratitude to Unlearn and Learn

Empower by the Revelation of Our identity in Christ

Awakened to our true identity

Understanding the Depth of the Mysteries of Christ

The Joy of Receiving the Gospel

Enlivened by the Revelation of the Word

Eyes opened to understand the Scriptures

Transformed by the Undiluted Gospel

Appreciating the man, the message and the mandate

Aknowledging the Apostleship of Grace

Aknowledging the Awareness to sonship

Gratitude for the In Christ message

Gratitude for Insightful and Depth in the preaching of the word

Gratitude for a life transforming message