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As ministers of Christ, we are the custodians of the mysteries of God. The Father has placed a very great responsibility on us to go and properly represent His Son, Jesus Christ, with His message. Christ, our Lord, has enabled us and counted us faithful putting us into the ministry. – Dr. Shawn Smith

Christ Commission International (CCI) is an apostolic ministerial network for communion and association of ministers and churches of various jurisdictions and varied denominational backgrounds, to be a unified witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery given to the Apostle Paul. It is generally a week-long training for ministers in the mysteries of God.

The ministerial network was founded by Dr Shawn Smith, and it had its first edition in 2013 in Douala, Cameroon. This first edition gathered participants from 46 different churches, with a striking increase over the years: 78 different churches represented in 2014, 123 churches in 2015 and the fourth edition in 2016 brought together ministers from close to 500 different churches.

The first half of 2017 witnessed CCI going beyond Cameroon’s borders into Uganda and Liberia. The ministerial outreach has since then been to other African nations including Kenya and Rwanda, and beyond the continent to the United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Belgium and a pre-CCI gathering organized in the USA in 2019.

CCI, held annually, provides an environment of intensified training and education to raise effective New Testament ministers, so that they may be thoroughly equipped and qualified to minister the Gospel of Grace with Grace, to execute and fulfill the ministries that have been entrusted to them. It has as one of its missions to build bridges of understanding, fellowship and alliances with ministers and churches, where possible, working together internationally and nationally to develop forums of dialogue as well as structures and strategic initiatives to impact various regions with the revelation of the mystery.

CCI sessions, according to the Prelate, are ordained by God because the hour has come for the rising of the Glorious Church. Thanks to this ministerial outreach, many ministers of the Gospel have come to understand about their participation in the ministry of Jesus Christ to the world, thanks to our inseparable oneness with Him.

Transformation is the fruit of reevaluating everything we believe.