The Concept of Ministry | Part1

freddy January 23, 2019


There is a system of truth revealed in the gospel for which we have received the assignment to pass on to the Church and to the world. But this will depend our mode of perception because you are persuaded of inevitably becomes your experience in life. 

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  1. Solange PAHMI on July 29, 2020

    WE Can only fully experienced something when we have thé accurate knowledge of what it is and in the same Line the full understanding of it. Thank You Excellency for giving us such an precise understanding on thé concept of ministry we are not here for ambitions but for the mission of Christ thank You for equiping us in this very time where the sacred offices of Christ have been high jacked ,for adjusting our Minds to know that WE are not in ministry to follow a trend or to please a man but to preach with boldness this Euangelion. Ministry is not an ”porte de secours” , its not because we are available that we should be in ministry .WE thank thé Father that through you God is raising men and women that will be in ministry for the ministry and not for selfish motivés.

  2. MERVIS MANYI MBU on July 29, 2020

    The knowledge we invest in our minds will eventually be our experience and reality.Thank you Dad and Mom for such a rich,undiluted and pure knowledge you invest in us and as a result of that our thought processes and minds have been aligned to the truth,As youve always told us,the truth has been the truth even before we get to know it or come to the knowledge of it.His Excellency we thank you for this continuous training being instilled in us which is building and framing us daily for the work of ministry.We thank the Father for the unique grace upon your life which has raised hundreds of new testament ministers and we also thank you for being an example of a father in all aspects.Thank you Dad and Mom for sharing these articles that will go a long way to shape our thought patterns and also for our edification.

  3. George Fleischhauer on August 8, 2020

    Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith,
    thank you for the clarity of what ministry is not (ambition in the cloak of vision) and what ministers are not as well (business people, servants looking for success and recognition with money as their motivation). Thanks for sharing the symptoms through which wrong intentions about our FATHER’S BUSINESS can be detected. It is of great importance to be educated, trained and tested before and during ministry. Quality control is an essential tool that helps ministers ressort to what ministry is, who a minister is and how the ministry started.

  4. Mylène MBOCK on October 10, 2020

    My goodness! Thank you Man of God for this quality check. Ministry is not ambition veiled as vision. It is a God-given mission for us to bring people to the knowledge of God supernaturally. How beautiful! And I believe this applies also even to us saints that are not ordained ministers since every saint is a minister. Our life is ministry, not ambition veiled as vision. What God wants is what we really want, what God does is what we really want to do. God came as a man to serve humanity. This is what we really want to do.

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